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Conditions générales

Vous serez amener à signer un contrat de location lors de votre entré dans la maison qui comporteras les points suivants:

Check-in / Check-out Time
Guests are required to inform Emerald House on their arrival time and departure time.
Regular check-in time starts at 2 pm, regular check-out is until at 10 am.
A fee of 50% of the daily rate might be charged for late check-out, if no prior notice had been given to Emerald House staff.

Upon Departure
Guests are required to leave the premises in the same condition as they found it upon arrival, excluding normal wear and tear. Guests’ personal belongings have to be removed. All keys have to be returned to the Emerald House reception.

Reporting Damages
Upon arrival guests are invited to check the premises inventory form and must inform the staff if anything is lacking (especially keys, kitchen appliances, etc.) Should guests assess any damages, e.g. defect on appliances, broken furniture etc., they should promptly report those to any Emerald House staff. Guests are responsible of any damages occurring during their stay and are liable when those are discovered after their departure.

Accommodation payment
The price of the accommodation varies and depends on the rented premises, the rental duration and the number of occupants. The price is agreed in advance between the parties. 50% of the amount must be paid latest on the first day of arrival, and the remaining balance during the first 3 days of rental.
For all online and phone reservations an advance down payment of 50% is required for the booking to be valid; and the remaining balance will also be due during the first 3 days of rental.
Guests renting for several months have to pay their monthly rent on the first week of the month, implying that the down payment is maximum 50% of the monthly rental price.

Cancellation fees
All intention of unscheduled departure should be announced as early as possible.


Reimbursement rate of the down payment applied:

  • 80% refundable when announced at least 2 months earlier
  • 50% refundable when announced at least 1 month earlier (up to 2)
  • 30% refundable when announced at least 15 days earlier
  • None, when the cancellation notice is less than 15 days.


  • Guest staying up to 1 month => No refund
  • Guest staying longer than 1 month => If notice has been given to Dalvina Vaglio or the Manager atleast 14 days prior to leaving, no further charges will be applied. When no prior notice has been given, the standard daily rate (not discounted) of the rented premises is applied for the following 14 days after leaving.

Expenses breakdown info
The accommodation price includes electricity, water consumption, WIFI and taxes (10% for the Municipality, plus 10.- peso per head, 3% for the BIR taxes). A voluntary donation of 50.- peso per guest will be automatically given to Siargao Masaya Association, helping local communities and poor children enrolling schools (please check : http://www.siargao-masaya.org/index.php/en/).

Accommodation capacity fee
An additional fee of 500.- peso/person/day will be charged if the number of persons staying in the rented house exceeds the maximum occupancy rate fixed hereunder or if additional beds are requested:

  • Big House: 5 persons
  • Cottage House: 2 persons
  • Duplex 1: 4 persons
  • Duplex 2: 4 persons
  • The Green Room: 2 persons
  • Red Diamond House: 4 persons
  • Peacock House: 6 persons
  • Talisay Pool Villa: 4 persons
  • Gecko House: 4 persons

Cleaning & Laundry service
It is standard that only once a week guests will enjoy the cleaning service offered by Emerald House.
Fresh towels and beddings will be provided and the entire house will be cleaned.
Emerald House is not resort with daily house cleaning. On guests demand a housekeeper can be organized for additional cleaning at an additional cost of 300.- peso.
Emerald House team reserves its right to enter the house even when the guest is absent, for cleaning and/or fixing purposes.
Emerald House can provide laundry services for their guests. Please ask the staff in charge about the price per kilo. Emerald house is not liable for any damages or lost items, which could occur.

Pet Policy
Pets are allowed on the premises, but owners are responsible to keep them away from the Restaurant area. Guests are responsible for any damages caused by their pet. Any dog with a history of aggressive or dangerous behaviour is not allowed. Pets may not be left unattended on the property.

Property & Responsibilities
Guests are responsible for locking their doors and securing their belongings and the rented premises. Guests will not allow anyone to damage or destroy the property during their stay. Only the registered guest and his/her authorized guests may enter the property. Guests are not allowed to move furniture, artwork, or accessories and hang anything to walls during their stay. Guests will be liable for any damages including necessary maintenance, repairs, additional housekeeping and cleaning charges. A additional supervision fee of 200.- peso per hour will be added to the actual maintenance, repair and/or cleaning costs, if the rules haven’t been respected. The rented premise has to be in a clean condition when checking-out.

Excessive Noise and Unruly Behaviour
Guests must respect the peace and tranquillity of our community. Guests will not disturb or interfere with any neighbour. If excessive noise or other unruly behaviour results in complaints by the neighbours or notification by the police, guest might be required to vacate the property and will forfeit all rent and fees if the Emerald House Management finds it appropriate.

Underage Alcohol Consumption and drugs
Emerald House prohibits the consumption of alcohol by all persons under the age of 18 (16 for the soft drinks) and reserves the right to evict any guests who are found to be in violation of this provision. Drugs are not allowed on the property. Any consumption of drugs is under the responsibility of the guest.
Emerald House and its staff is not liable for any drugs found by law enforcement, in rented houses on the premises.

Smoking is allowed outside of the House only. Evidence of smoking into the House/room will result in additional cleaning fees (see Cleaning & Laundry Service additional cleaning cost). This rule is to protect guests and neighbours from any fire incidents.

Eco-Friendly Practices
merald House tries to be environment friendly, and focuses on recycling, water and energy conservation. When absent, switching off indoor lights, fans/AC, will be much appreciated. Please hand the Emerald House staff all your organic waste; they will dispose it in an environmentally friendly manner. Collected plastics, PET bottles and cans (all metal), will be disposed separately by the Emerald House staff.

The parking area inside is reserved for Emerald’s House motorbikes and Emerald House guests.
Cars are not allowed inside the Emerald House parking area. Parking for outside guests is along the stone wall outside of the property. Driving motorbikes on the property (outside of the parking/gate area) is not allowed. This helps to prevent any damage and noise complaints.

Emergency and disturbance
In case of an announced electricity brownout (blackout), guests will be informed of this disturbance the day before, only if local authorities planned and communicated it. Please note that minor electricity blackouts are frequent. One generator is running the Emerald Restaurant in case of brownout, and should supply this common area.
In case of Typhoon alerts, Emerald House is subject to inform and advice people to evacuate the island.
Emerald House is not in charge of guests who want to stay and declines all responsibilities.

Emerald House declines all liabilities and responsibilities should anything happen to the rented premises and its guests.
Guests are responsible for the house during their stay. All damages will be charged to the guest. In case of incident, such as fire, it is the Civil Liability Insurance of the guest or the guest itself, which covers all damages, including loss of earnings until the premises is fixed.
Guests of Emerald House are not covered in case of incidents and accidents. For example, coconuts fallings are frequent incidents; therefore to prevent those situations Emerald House commits to cut all the red coconuts every 3-4 months.
In addition, kindly consider that any person invited by guests are under their responsibility, Emerald House will not be liable for any losses that could occur, such as stolen, lost or damaged items.



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