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Siargao Location

Emerald House village is located at Cloud9, close to the village of Catangnan and 4km form the village of General Luna. The Cloud9 surf spot, which no longer needs to fight for reconnaissance after being elected 8th best wave in the world by CNN, is only 150m, no more than 5 minutes by foot, from Emerald House. You can thus walk to the beach and buy everything you need without getting into a vehicle.

The Siargao Island is the easternmost island of the Phillipines, with pristine, intact nature, it offers magnificent sceneries and is easily explored in a day if you’re in a hurry, although it would take days/weeks to visit its numerous wonders only accessible by motorbike or boat.

The Philippines is an up and coming holiday destination. Its archipelago with more than 7000 islands makes us discover spectacular landscapes from beaches to volcanoes, coral reefs to rice paddies, relaxing in a hammock to riding a motorbike, welcome!

How to get to Siargao

A number of airlines fly to Manila, but also to Cebu, the second biggest city of The Philippines. Once in Asia, it’s also possible to take one of the low cost airlines which fly to the major cities in Asia from Manila, Cebu and even Davao.

First option is to book a direct flight from Manila to Siargao (Sayak airport/IAO). Skyjet Airlines offers daily flightsto Siargao (departure 6am). The flight lasts approximately 1h30. The compagny includes with the ticket 10kg for check in bag, and 5kg with carry-on bag. If you have extra kilos, you will have to pay extra fees at the aiport. The flights times can change depending on the season so we invite you to check the compagny website.

Second option is to take a flight from Manila to Cebu, and from Cebu to Siargao. Both flights can be done in the same day. The airline is Cebu Pacific, and they offer two flights per day from Cebu to Siargao (departures 7h45 and 12h45). It take 1h to get to Siargao from Cebu. The ticket includes only a carry-on bagage of 7kg, any check-in bag should be pre-reserved when booking the ticket.

Once arrived at Siargao airport, it will take you 30min in van to arrive at Cloud9 or General Luna.

Last option is coming to Siargao from Surigao. There are daily flights from Manila with Cebu Pacific. Once in Surigao, you can take a boat to Dapa (last boat departure is 12h00). The boat ride is between 2 and 3 hours. As the boats schedule changes regularly, always check on the web before. Boats names are Dapa Express, Fortune Angel or Roro/Montenegro ferry.

Curent boat schedule:

***Surigao - Dapa

  • 5h30 : Britphil Express (2h30 journey, leaving from the boulevard)
  • 6h00 : LQP Epress (2h30 journey, leaving from the boulevard)
  • 10h30 : Dapa Express (2h30 journey, leaving from the boulevard)
  • 11h45 : Fortune Angel (3h30 journey, leaving from the port)
  • 12h00 : Roro ou Montenegro Ferry (4h journey, leaving from the port)

***Dapa – Surigao

  • 5h30 : Dapa Express
  • 5h45 : Fortune Angel
  • 6h00 : Roro ou Montenegro Ferry
  • 10h30 : Britphil Express
  • 11h : LQP Express

Domestic airlines:


It’s also possible to travel entirely by sea directly from Cebu. Two ferry companies serves the town of Surigao :



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