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Call for donation

Dear friends, family and resort guests, 

Siargao Island was devastated by a super-powerful typhoon on Thursday, December 16, named Odette. This is where the typhoon landed, causing considerable damage to homes and all infrastructure.

The houses made of wood, are all gone and almost all the trees have fallen. We just got news from the people on Dec 23rd, when signal for the telecommunication was on again. And we are happy to have heard that everyone is safe without injured people. Receiving now some pictures and video, we have shown an apocalyptic and distressing spectacle. The inhabitants of Siargao need your help!

Some releases just start to have been arrived, but the price of gasoline triple, and the food is much more expensive. People lost their home, but probably some will also lose their job, since no more tourist for the next 6 months. And we don’t know when the electricity will be back since all the post are down!

Emerald House’s management would like to offer you 2 options for those who wants to help:

1) Through the Idées'Elles association, which has already been working in Siargao for several years in the field of microcredits, we would like to collect donations for an emergency aid fund to help those who have lost everything. The money would be collected from the Idées'elles account and sent there as soon as possible. It will be distributed by our partners who work on site, in full transparency and in full confidence. Your donations will be used in particular for the reconstruction of houses, which is a priority.

Donations can be sent to the following account:
Association Idées’Elles – Solidarité international
Case postale 21
1920 Martigny
CCP 19-1454-1
IBAN CH28 8059 5000 0019 2900 7

Please add the mention "TYPHOON ODETTE" as reference of your payment in order to clarify the accounting of the association.

2) Through the Paypal account of Emerald House, which will be distributed to the family of the staff’s family of Emerald House: Lucy, Toto, Erna, Baloy, Elsi, Charlo, An-An, Ignacio and few more families. We know that our guests get some attachment with our staff, and if you want to be thanks full for them specially after having some holidays with us, please they need also help to rebuild their house, all damaged or totally collapsed.

You can send your donation strait to though Paypal: emeraldhousevillage@aol.com

Please also add the mention: “Typhoon help”

We will keep everyone updated on our Facebook pages to show you the full transparency, and what will be done with your donation. Everything will take time now, but together we are stronger, and we want them to have a roof and a good life for 2022.

Everyone needs help after such a disaster, which adds to the already difficult situation that we have all been experiencing for almost 2 years. Thank you in advance for your solidarity and your support.

For any info, or to transfer differently your donation, you can contact us:
- through email: emeraldhousevillage@aol.com
- through what’s app: +41 79 632 70 81

Let’s make together Siargao Island a Paradise again!



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